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Tiny Bird – Nov. 12 2009

Today during my lunch break at work, Im outside walking around  the covered porch area during a good rainstorm, when I notice this tiny bird perched in the chain link fence.  He was so small he could fit inside the little squares of fence, which is why I noticed him in the first place, I wasn’t even sure it was a bird at first. Not only was he in one of the squares of the fence  but directly below the much larger crossbar that runs across the top of the fence, he was shielded from the rain! Smart fellow that tiny bird. Needed a camera as usual.

Poor Gringo – Nov. 25 2009

When I am speaking English around Panamanians, especially if I can tell they’re having a hard time, I speak slower, simpler, using words that translate directly to Spanish. Now I have Panamanian friends that do the same for me and repeat themselves over and over, but I  do this for everyone,  strangers in the street. I wonder why they never do the same for me? Even after asking sometimes.

Great Place To be Sick – Dec. 2nd  2009

Last night, after fighting off a head cold for the past 2 days at work, I decided to go to the store and buy some medicine as well as some ingredients to make some home made soup.  I threw on minimal clothing and started my journey. During my walk to the store I noticed that even though I was sick and feeling bad, I was walking to the store wearing cargo pants, a tank top and my flip flops. Although  I felt bad, it sure is nice to be around pleasant weather, could have been a lot worse!

Money Saver – Dec. 4th  2009

Today, while sitting on the beach soaking up the sun from an island in the Caribbean, it finally dawned on me how I can save some money.  Quit buying coke to dilute my rum with, and just drink it straight!

Mind Boggler –  Dec. 5th 2009

I noticed when I first moved here and I guess I got used to the idea as I don’t really notice that much anymore, but last night and again today I could not help myself. Driving home last night I noticed a young Panamanian guy walking wearing jeans, a shirt and a pretty heavy long sleeve jacket, I’d guess it was around 78 degrees or so and humid. Then today I was walking home from the grocery store in the sunshine, probably mid 80’s and I passed and older gentleman, walking through the park wearing an undershirt, a cotton polo style shirt over that and then a long sleeve sweat shirt, zip-up jacket over that! I might be able to understand for one moment that they are trying to be fashionable, but walking? In the sun? Craziness.

Commercial lover?  – Jan. 1st 2010

Love day time tv and all the great commercials that come along with it? Then Panama is not the place for you. So often when watching tv shows, the shows acts like it is going to commercial but the very next scene is the show acting like its coming back from commercial and continues on with minimal interruption. I guess many channels don’t have enough advertising, their loss is our gain.  Nice isn’t it?

Momentos Olvidables (Unforgettable Moments) – Jan. 6, 2010

It never ceases to amaze me the photos they take and how different it is to what I have always been used to I guess. The amount of photos, what they take a picture of,  how many are all the same including those of all their friends as well. Sexy poses galore, borderline  inappropriate with the little brother or the ages of the persons (both ends of the spectrum). The subject is really to broad to discuss here but I assure you it’s entertaining.

Wake Up!   – Jan. 24th 2010

I have learned, I CANNOT stare at every attractive Latin woman on the side of the road while driving, I will eventually wreck no doubt.

Palindrome Day   –  01022010

Even when I feel I am learning nothing and making zero progress, I at the same time realize that I can’t hide from it. I hear it and use it constantly,  Spanish is what I’m speaking and writing and reading constantly. Instant messaging, radio, tv, conversations in the street, e-mail at work, choice music. Whether I want it or not, it is going to get beaten into my head. There is no real break from learning. (We can  celebrate this wonderful day of palindrome again on Feb. 2, 2012)

sin verguenza   –  Feb. 10th 2010

I’m ashamed today for not having visited the park  across the street more often.

Reflection Of My Arrival –  Feb. 19th 2010

Panic, chaos, confusion, frustration and fear. I still experience them at times too, but it requires me to dig a little deeper and work a little harder, and for that I am thankful. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, you know that. It’s not always the prize that holds all of the value but rather the hard work and overcoming obstacles that makes it so sweet, the feeling of accomplishment.

Creative Mind –  Mar. 12th 2010

Moving here has put me back in touch with my creative side, something I have ignored for a very long time. What I shame for having ignored it for so long, I miss and love being creative. Now I need to get back into the creative swing of things.

Music, The Mood Changer –  April 6th 2010

It never ceases to amaze me the control music has over one’s soul. Music has to be one of the most amazing things ever created, my hat is off to all musicians and singers of any kind, you make the world go round! I am talking about an instant attitude adjustment, how one simple song can brighten your day and put a smile on your face, even when you’re down. My suggestion, put on some music and turn the volume up!

Survival  Style –  June 8th 2010

It amazes me on how little money I can get by on when I really focus on it, usually not by choice but its nice to know it can be done.

Barber Search –  June 22nd 2010

After 2 years and 8 days and a tedious trial and error process, I finally found my barber! ($4.50)

Pisces Process –  July 29th 2010

I love to swim in clean, clear water, I could stay in there in all night.

Deceitful Deal –  August 9th 2010

Today I bought 600 thread count sheets for $20.32, don’t ask me how.

 My Reappearance –  February 8th 2012

Make a new friend today. There are so many wonderful people in this world that are willing to share their time, their stories, their knowledge and their laughs with you. It seems we only hear about the crazies in the world. Be nice to a stranger today, may be the best friend you have never met yet. A smile is a good way to start and doesn’t cost you a thing!

Epihany Friday – June 22nd 2012

What a blessing it would be if we could open and shut our ears as easily as we open and shut our eyes! The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits and ignorance gets the bliss!

Disclaimer:  I knew all about these subjects and countless others just like them long before the date published.

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