Posted by: Panamá Jeff | April 5, 2010

I’m an asshole!

Since living here in Panama I have invited anyone and everyone to come visit me, especially because I am thankful for everyday I have here and not sure how long it could last. I tell them there may not be another time when they have a friend living in an exotic place so they should take advantage of it. One of my friends from Maryland, Tim, decided to take me up on my offer and came down last year, and just recently came down for a second time this month. Now before his visit to Panama last year he had  basically never been out of the state of Maryland and had never been on a plane. For the first visit I met him in Miami and came down with him on the same plane to help him navigate immigration and customs. This last time he was on his own but I did meet him at the airport. I think it is good for him to come down and experience a different lifestyle and culture, to get an open mind that there are other places in this world. I also find it amusing that he is completely dependent on me, mostly cause I enjoy messing with people, especially friends that I know can take it. Now Tim doesn’t speak any Spanish but there are people that live down here that seem to get along just fine. I think this is a great experience for him and did not want to completely babysit him, so when he needed something or wanted something, I pointed him in the right direction and let him go for it.  On this day he wanted to find some colored eye contacts that make your eyes look like a cat’s eyes. Now we did a little research and asking around, and were in the right area when I sent him in alone to the optical store in the mall. After about 45 seconds I decided to make my way in to witness this first hand. Now Tim is speaking to the guy behind the counter in English, trying to explain what he is looking for exactly, and the guy behind the counter is trying very hard to understand what is being said exactly. The guy behind the counter then explains what he thinks he understood and what he thinks Tim is looking for but in Spanish, Tim looks over at me for a little assistance and I look back at him like I don’t have a clue as to what is being said, even the guy behind the counter looks at me like I should be able to help. So Tim then returns to the employee behind the counter and attempts to explain in a different way thinking this might help the guy understand, they are both working so hard and getting nowhere fast and this amuses me!  After what seemed like 10 minutes of this miscommunication, Tim appears to have given up when I step in and offer a quick explanation which lasts about 10 seconds or less, they guy immediately knows what I am talking about and sends us to the other side of the mall to a store that actually carries this stupid shit. We walked out of the store and I couldn’t help but to laugh uncontrollably for a few minutes. Now I KNOW Tim knows I can be a complete asshole and I’m sure he is used to it by now, but I imagine the guy behind the counter was not happy with me, especially after I sat there and let them both struggle for so long when I could have eased the pain in just a few moments. Ah it’s the simple things that amuse me sometimes.



  1. sounds like tim… and you, asshole :O)

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