Posted by: Panamá Jeff | November 17, 2009

Veteran’s Day Propaganda

We praise the soldiers, young and old, active and retired for carrying out the orders of our  military. We say ‘thanks’ for protecting our country and freedom throughout the years. All of this patriotism and respect has been carried down from generations but the times have changed. Am I thankful for what soldiers for my country have done and gone through? Definitely. What I sometimes don’t understand is how often current military personnel have come to expect such gratification. There hasn’t been a draft in years,  these kids enrolled by choice. There are a lot of benefits that come from joining the military, as well as risks and those are the choices these people made. I think a lot of people use this as some sort of escape from their current lives, as they feel they have no other option. I think the majority of the military either have no idea for what they are fighting, are kept in the dark for the true reasons to which they are fighting or completely disagree with the reasons they are fighting. I feel the American government is exceptionally good at keeping its citizens either uninformed or misinformed. I am not a historian, nor do I claim to be the trusted source on the subject but I could list quite a few events that a large majority of Americans have never even heard of and would argue the fact of their truth. Example? School Of The Americas, which is still open and in operation today, ever heard of it? Research it if you haven’t, see what you can find out. This is where we trained various military style dictators and put them into power in specific countries for our benefit, then more than a few times, this dictator decides to go against our will and then guess what happens? We create a reason to invade their country and remove them from power. This is just one example but as I said this training school is still open and in operation today. Research the names of graduates of this school, you might be surprised. Some of the biggest and most well known American nemesis’ have been trained by the USA. Have you ever taken the time to step outside of the box and look in? Get your mind outside of American media to see what the others are saying and why?  What about the veterans and soldiers of every other country in the world? Fighting, serving, protecting their respective country? What about the soldiers that seek to harm or destroy our country?  Are their causes for which they fight any more right or wrong than ours? They are simply following orders just as everyone else is doing. Do they deserve the same respect and praise as  we are expected to give our soldiers? Damn right they do.

 Now let me step back for a minute, I almost always agree with the humanitarian work and aid we supply countless countries. I often agree with the views and decisions made in regards to foreign relations with other countries but I also wonder about the hidden agendas behind those decisions. I also believe that usually the American government believes and help supports the well being of all countries and its people, and always has.

 This is just my opinion. I don’t have to agree with anyone or anything if I choose not to, just as you don’t have to agree with me today. All I am asking is to drop the close minded prideful attitude and be willing to acknowledge and accept the negative aspects as well as the ability to see the other side of the story.


  1. I think one of America’s major weaknesses is the ability to breed enemies. We elect ‘war-ing’ presidents and we have such an offensive angle on world politics… And by offensive I mean aggresive nature. How can we be surprised when there are ‘retaliations’ for our coups, our CIA, our hands in others’ cookie jars? It pisses us off in the same situation. I am 100% against terrorism and oppression, and I do believe in aiding other countries… But when is war the ‘right’ answer? My hypocrisy lies in my support of US troops coming home from war. I have welcomed the heroes home for the last three years as they’ve flown in from Iraq. I support them for taking offensive action for my freedom. And I am moved to tears every year.

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