Posted by: Panamá Jeff | October 2, 2009

Drop Of A Hat

horizonGenerally unhappy in your current environment?  It’s not as if we were asked in which part of the world we prefer to be born and raised in is it? Your environment determines who you are as person in so many ways.  Your predecessors in your environment have determined your culture and so many things that will go along with it, including what is considered right,  wrong and socially acceptable. I can only speak of the USA because that is where I was born and raised but these predetermined influences exist in all areas across the globe.  Take religion for example, who is to say one is more right than the other? The majority of the time you only believe what you believe because that is they way you were raised and everyone around you seemed to agree. This does not just apply to religion, that was just an example that can be easily seen, but these influences affect everything you know to be true, at least in the beginning. We as humans owe it to ourselves to always keep an open mind and try to form our own opinions, which is much easier said than done, even if we don’t immediately agree!  How realistic is it to make a geographical and cultural change? Heard the expression “at the drop of a hat”?  If you do something at the drop of a hat, you do it suddenly and easily, often without any preparation, with the slightest urge. Even for someone who has virtually no ties to their current environment, is it realistic to drop everything and make a change?  I don’t believe it is, unless you maybe have a plethora of money at your disposal and a wild heart, but for those of us that don’t, it takes time, planning and the willingness to take a risk.  Have you ever thought of the effect the environment has on our thoughts and feelings?  How about the differences in your mood when it is dark and raining compared to sunny and breezy? Think about when you visit or vacation in a new place, how you have so much more energy and wake up with a smile on your face to start the day. Now think about your current environment, how does it make you feel on a day to day basis? I am not saying it’s wrong to be happy in your current environment, nor is it wrong to want something different. I am very thankful for everything in my life, past and present, but I do not feel ashamed to want a change or something different to intensify and accentuate my  lifestyle, according to me as I see fit. I am simply another face in the crowd, trying to figure it all out and chasing a  few dreams along the way. Where has it led me? Apparently to here and there and hopefully many more interesting places and experiences along the way. Sorry I have not made any life long decisions yet, other than to live and enjoy life.







What everyone wants from life is continuous and genuine happiness. Expect nothing, live frugally on surprise.



  1. My favorite yet Panama! I think you’re right on with “keep an open mind.” Few things bother me in this world aside from negativity, people who pass judgement, and those with a narrow view of how things ‘should’ be. ❤ more, bitch less. Cheer up or die. Sorry for the vulgarity… It's been a tough week! 😉

  2. Ha! After your comment and email to me, my response to that email, and reading the post again, I cried. Don’t anyone listen to me, I’m a mess. Just a mixed up boy at heart refusing to grow up.

    • Jeff, I admire and respect you so much. I sit back and look at my life and wished I had had the courage that you have. Living your life one day at a time is what God wants us to do. We have all felt that we have to live up to someone else’s expectations and most of us comply with that but you have taken a different path. Just always remember, try to live your life with no regrets…..xxxoxoxox

  3. You’re awesome Jeff! And I meant what I said… you’re fresh air… In every way!

    Shine on you crazy diamond.

  4. Why do we explore, for finding what we know that exists, the beauty of living. Jeff continues exploring, do not stop of admiring! Sincerely, Jaime

    ¿Porqué exploramos? , por encontrar lo que sabemos que existe, la belleza de vivir. Sigue explorando Jeff, no te detengas de admirar!

  5. I love it Jeff.. you are a breathe of fresh air… no important decisions need to be made. Live life day by day and to the fullest at that!! You’re an inspiration! p.s. we need to get together.. im not handicapped! lol

  6. Most peoples’ lives are dictated by the great motivator of fear. Evolutionarily speaking we are all still, to some extent, Xenophobes afraid of other people, tribes, and cultures that don’t look, act, or believe as we do. Probably a very important attribute to survival at one time, but now potentially quite destructive. Religion has gone one further and preyed upon those innate fears and exploited them to unimaginable ends. How many never challenge the philosophies that guide their life, be it religious, moral (two separate things), or the social dogmas they subscribe to. Is happiness not what everyone is after, yet they search externally instead of internally? To remove the ‘external’ of this country (USA) is an integral exercise in perspective few have the courage or desire to do. And it’s hard to describe to anyone who hasn’t traveled abroad and looked back in. No apologies are necessary for living your life on your own terms, as long as the apology is not a confession. Not sure if I’m totally convinced of your Stoic Existentialism but I’m very impressed, none the less, young grasshopper.
    -The Reverend

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