Posted by: Panamá Jeff | July 28, 2009

Cigarette Prison (Anti-smoking Ad)

Cigarettes in Panama are  considerably cheaper than in the states. I have heard stories in both countries about specific brands or specific countries that get all the leftover tabacco that fell on the floor. In Panama there is no tact when it comes to warning people of the hazards of smoking. Their marketing has taken a different approach that I imagine has no chance in the states, you might remember in health class the picture of the smoker’s black lung? In Panama that appears on the box of cigarettes. Also there is another I have noticed, which is a rat, lying dead in the streets next to a gutter informing smokers that the same chemicals are used in rat poison. I am going to have to research more slogans and pictures found on cigarette packs and signs, it’s very direct. The latest slogan I noticed, which depicts a man in prison behind bars made from cigarettes and reads “Smoking causes addiction, seek help”.

cig jail

UPDATE: Ok I did a little research, found a few more to add to the list. These are all Marlboro brands, also the pictures are on both sides of the pack to not be easily turned over and out of sight. Sexy ain’t it?

Smoking Causes Lung Cancer

Smoking Causes Lung Cancer

Tabacco smoke contains arsenic and naphthalene, also used against rats and cockroaches.

Tabacco smoke contains arsenic and naphthalene, also used against rats and cockroaches.

Smoking causes bad health, loss of teeth and mouth cancer.


someone asked for a fetus snuggling a ciggie?



  1. how about an unborn fetus with a cigg in its mouth?? that seems pretty harsh but would probably make me think twice about smoking ever again.

  2. Liza, shall I send in your request? Actually it would not surprise me if they already had that one before, I’ll keep a look-out for ya!

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