Posted by: Panamá Jeff | July 21, 2009

Making Waves!


Im getting pretty popular down here it seems, getting noticed in the streets and fan mail!

This is a website and a newspaper publication here in panama. First… go to and scroll all the way down until you see me bonging a beer!

Then this old guy got his panties in a wad and decided to put his 2 cents in, although he never called out the ‘local’ newspaper or the “local” beer company. This is another local newspaper, read about halfway down.

Then yesterday I got a phone call from another website publication and we met up and chatted about some guy that stole 30 million dollars from investors in the US that is down here using the same name as me !!

Will the REAL Jeff Lane Please Stand Up!?  Please stand up!?

UPDATE: A few weeks after I appeared in the last website, I was beginning to think things were slowing down, and my good friend Bob was giving me a hard time about not being in the news anymore.  Well Bob owns some land about an hour outside of the city on a beautiful lake. His neighbors recently started a tour business on their ranch and had a local  magazine out to do a piece on their property and the tours they give. Well we just happened to be there on that fine day with a few journalists, a photographer and a few other guests.  Eventually the magazine and story was released, it had been out a few days and I had not yet seen it when Bob showed me one of his copies, guess who’s picture was in the largest center folded photo? That’s right, yours truly! Funny thing is he hadn’t even noticed until I pointed it out.

A few months later, its Halloween night and I happen to be in the streets, dressed up as my usual pirate self when a local tv show approaches and strikes up conversation.  I am drunk, eating a taco, go figure. A few days  later they air this episode but before the show airs they play a commercial constantly advertising this episode, well guess who is in the commercial and the episode? Yours truly! I even forgot that I had spoken to these guys that night until people started calling me, telling me they saw me on tv. My first Panamanian TV appearance!  I’m at the 45 second mark in the video below, enjoy!




  1. The Party Olympics… that’s hilarious. And now you’re famous!

    My favorite beer drinking game is “the Name Game.” No beer bongs involved in that one. 😉

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